BackBone, Inc. is a marketing communications, public relations, and business development firm specializing in technology, healthcare and workforce management. Combining specific industry expertise, media savvy, communications competency, and advanced technology tools, we get your message to market fast, efficiently and effectively. 

You have specific objectives, audiences, targets, and time frames. We will develop a program that’s right for you—one that meets your criteria, maximizes your investment, and exceeds your expectations.

Outcomes-Based Communications

BackBone can help you execute more integrated, consistent, and effective marketing communications, public relations, and business development strategy initiatives—resulting in:

    • Heightened product and company recognition

    • Increased sales and market share

    • Investment

    • Overall strategic business growth

Our custom-designed programs and component services best enable us to match resources to your business goals, maximizing your communications return-on-investment (ROI).

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