A BackBone White Paper on Public Relations

In recent years, the practice of Public Relations has had to keep pace with the swift changes in the media landscape, driven by the emergence of social media and new communications technologies. Getting exposure requires persistence, finesse and the ability to tailor a message that stands out from the dozens, even hundreds of press releases and story pitches the average editor receives on a weekly basis.

This paper focuses on the day-to-day practice – and challenges – of PR and how to get your story out and have it heard by the people who shape perceptions and influence purchasing decisions.

Main Points:

  • There are nearly 6 PR people to every reporter (Muck Rack); in addition to the competition for a reporter’s attention, they are also harder to reach because they are spread across an ever-widening media landscape.
  • Successful marketers are moving from SEO to content marketing, which rewards content that has reach and influence – where PR is the key element.
  • The convergence of PR and marketing: PR can and does enhance marketing, as “earned media” imbues your marketing efforts/materials with critical third party validation.


Bill Gates: “if I were down to my last dollar, I would spend it on PR.”  


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