From Workplace to Workspace: Managing the Extended Workforce

extended workforce(Excerpted from Medium)

I recently moderated/lead a panel discussion on the challenges of managing an extended workforce (it was part of the HRTA’s Collaboration Zone event). The discussion followed several presentations which addressed the mechanics of the extended workforce, and an assortment of “enabling” technologies that allow workers and organizations to match talent to task, without geographical encumbrances. But the session I was enlisted to lead primarily spoke to the “collateral” issues:

• In the podcast I co-host (Work in Progress), we often talk about company culture — whether it’s a CEO, a film director on set, or a musician leading a recording session, we speak about the importance of building an esprit de corps that produces the best work and best outcomes. Will an increasingly extended workforce, where work is mostly transactional, make company culture less important? If it is still held to be important, how is it maintained across multiple time zones and personal work zones? (A shortcoming inherent in most conventional talent assessment models is their overly narrow focus on the required skills for minimal performance on the job. This may attract people who, on the surface, would appear to be good candidates and well‐suited to the position. But how many temp or gig hires who appear well-suited “on paper” don’t pan out owing to a variety of “cultural” and work style issues even if they work remotely? As someone who’s worked with numerous companies as an “outsider,” each company does have a distinct culture, even if it’s not something they explicitly express, and you do have to make the appropriate adjustments to assure a smooth, positive relationship.)

• An extended workforce implies that you’re on a perpetual hiring footing, which can be expensive, resource-intensive, time-consuming in that you’re continually needing to onboard and train, and it doesn’t always produce reliable results. If not carefully managed, the flexibility that “just in time” hiring offers can become a source of instability and uncertainty.

• How do you promote engagement and retention when the employer-employee relationship is task-oriented and inherently transactional? How do you retain a top performer, particularly as newer, shinier, and better-paying opportunities continuously beckon, and as one of the allures of gig work is the ability to go from company to company, gig to gig?


BackBone and CuriousCheck Partner to Provide Integrated Content Marketing and SEO Programs for HR Technology Vendors

Companies to provide informed content, targeted delivery, and ongoing search engine optimization to promote brand discovery and engagement for broad cross section of HR vendors.


Kennesaw, GA — March 3, 2021 — HR marketing specialists BackBone, Inc. and CuriousCheck today announce a partnership to provide HR technology vendors with integrated public relations, content marketing, social media and SEO services. BackBone is one of the industry’s premier HR-focused PR and marketing firms, having supported a cross section of the most innovative HR companies for over 25 years; CuriousCheck’s digital marketing expertise and proven SEO methodologies have enabled numerous HR vendors to raise their visibility on all major search engines and social media platforms. Together, they will help HR technology vendors rise above the noise in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace by creating content – articles, blog posts, tweets, white papers, podcasts, infographics, etc. – that gets noticed, shared and discussed, putting them “in the room” where purchasing decisions are made.

“As HR Technology specialists, we know the issues, trends and competitive landscape, enabling us to craft informed, timely messages that resonate and get noticed,” said Charles Epstein, BackBone’s President. “CuriousCheck knows both HR and SEO, but don’t take my word for it – their work has consistently enabled the companies they work with to achieve top ranking on all the major search engines. Together, we’ll be able to help clients send messages that make the most meaningful impression and have the greatest impact.”

According to the 11th Annual B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends report, only 31% of the organizations surveyed said that their organization had been extremely/very successful with content marketing over the past 12 months. One of the top factors contributing to that success was the value of their content (83%), specifically their blog posts, short articles and website enhancements. Respondents who were asked which marketing areas they were most likely to invest in over the coming year, cited content creation (70%) and website enhancements (66%).

“Being discovered in today’s competitive online marketplace is about consistently creating content that is timely and available from multiple well-regarded sources, combined with a deep understanding of ever-changing search engine algorithms,” said Carlos Crameri, Founder and CEO of CuriousCheck. “We’re pleased to partner with BackBone, a true pioneer in HR-focused marketing and PR. Their work is on point, highly readable, and deeply informed – essential in promoting visibility, engagement and trust.”

CuriousCheck and BackBone have worked with a broad range of HR technology companies, including providers of talent acquisition, HRMS/HRIS, payroll, performance analytics, benefits administration, background screening, onboarding, employee rewards, employee engagement, time and attendance, workforce mobility, EAP and wellness solutions. For more, visit


About BackBone

Founded in 1996, BackBone, Inc. is a marketing communications, public relations, and business development firm specializing in technology, healthcare and workforce management. Combining specific industry expertise, media savvy, creative communications and advanced technology tools, BackBone gets your message to market fast, efficiently and effectively.  For more, visit 


About CuriousCheck

CuriousCheck’s team of digital marketing experts provides customized SEO services and modern digital growth hacks for the Human Resources, Background Screening and Legal fields.

CuriousCheck develops and optimizes a full complement of digital assets – websites, landing pages, interactive content, promo videos, e-commerce portals, etc. – and leverages modern SEO tactics to promote discovery on all the top search engines and social media platforms, drive website traffic, heighten engagement, and increase sales. For more, visit


BackBone Partners with Brown + Bigelow to Provide Companies with Integrated Trade Show PR and Promotional Programs

Trade show PR

Leading provider of promotional and branding products, Brown + Bigelow adds key component to BackBone’s trade show support service


BOCA RATON, FL –  BackBone, Inc., a business communications firm specializing in IT, healthcare and HR technology, today announces that it has partnered with Brown + Bigelow, providers of branded promotional products for over 120 years.

The partnership complements BackBone’s PR and communications programs for companies exhibiting at trade shows, enabling them to generate buzz at the show, use it as an effective venue for media interviews and analyst briefings, and create lasting impact well beyond the show.

“Exhibiting at tradeshows is costly and risky, as getting people to your booth – media, analysts, prospects – and creating a lasting impression well after the show ends, is a big challenge,” said BackBone’s President, Charles Epstein. “With the proper planning, the right message, and a giveaway that captures your brand and spirit, the three or four days spent at the show can make your company’s year. We’re delighted to partner with Brown + Bigelow and to work with Senior Brand Consultant Ellen North in developing integrated marketing, public relations, and promotional programs for both of our clients, and increasing their trade show ROI.”

BackBone’s Trade Show Support Service:  

Based on over 20 years experience in trade show media relations, our program encompasses the following:

  • Media Planning: we begin two months before the show opens with the writing and distribution of a media advisory providing a “sneak preview” of key announcements to be made at the forthcoming event. We secure media and analyst appointments for product demos or interviews with company principals.
  • Press Kit: we help prepare collaterals for distribution at the show (or to “live” in a virtual press room). This can include a press release, a case study, company backgrounder and all other appropriate marketing communications materials.
  • Branded Promotional Items: we help clients develop on-brand promotional give-aways in concert with Brown + Bigelow, which can imprint products covering the gamut of items and budgets.

Brorn + Bigelow Items

BackBone’s trade show team will work with Brown + Bigelow’s Senior Brand Consultant, Ellen North, who will consult with each client in selecting high impact promotional items that are aligned with their strategic marketing and sales goals.

“We create brand identity pieces for clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small local businesses,” said Brown + Bigelow’s Ellen North. “We look forward to working with BackBone in providing customers with branded promotional products that start conversations at the trade show booth and have lasting impact.”

For more on Backbone’s Trade Show Support Program, visit .


About Brown + Bigelow

Brown + Bigelow, Inc. is one of the top promotional products and premium companies in the USA with offices across the country. For more than 120 years, Brown & Bigelow has been serving clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small local businesses, providing imprinted merchandise that meets clients’ marketing objectives and budgets, and creates value for their brand. For more, visit