The Counter-intuitive Resurgence of the White Paper in an Age of Video and Social Media

Styles of marketing communications come and go. Email marketing yielded to social media engagement, infographics are being elbowed aside by video. Still, the venerable white paper continues to be included in the marketing mix – actually, they now enjoy an even more prominent role.  

While there is no such thing as the definitive white paper, there are general principles that we can apply based on what works and what doesn’t in making them maximally effective.


This paper sets out to:

♦ Establish parameters and principles in producing a “modern” white paper that’s tailored for a readership accustomed to messages that are considerably shorter and more visual.

♦ Provide guidance in creating white papers that outperform others (as measured by downloads, reads, likes and/or shares)

♦ Show the various “proactive” ways marketers can use them as the foundation of effective lead generation and content marketing campaigns.


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