Introducing PRX: Targeted, Affordable Public Relations for Startups and SMBs

PR ExpressPRX: PR Express

PR Express is designed for start ups and small companies looking for affordable, effective Public Relations support –  ideal for a new product launch, major customer “win” or company milestone.


♦ Strategy

We work with you to define your media objectives. We also develop a list of media targets.


♦ Editorial

We draft your Press Release, with your input and approval.


♦ Media

Once the press release is ready, we distribute to a targeted media list ( that combines technology, business, HR, vertical media). After the release is sent out, we develop a timely, personalized follow up to each reporter. The pitch after the press release is sent out is where you’re able to rise above the noise, and get a busy reporter’s attention looking for fresh new angles and voices to cover.

Price: $550 (Wire service distribution billed at cost)


PR Express



We also offer a more comprehensive PR program that includes more media coverage, and other strategic deliverables, such as the writing and placement of a bylined article, a white paper, use case, and strategic social media support. Pricing varies according to the breadth of the program.  Fill out the form below to schedule a free consultation.

Conflict Is So Yesterday! Boomers and Millennials Find Common Ground

It’s naturally assumed that if you were to put a bunch of Baby Boomers and Millennials in an enclosed space we’d immediately be at each other’s throats. Tensions are pretty much baked in as we have very different outlooks on work, life, even technology. And as Millennials begin to take management positions and are put in charge of their wizened co-workers, we should expect simmering tensions to boil over into open conflict, turning standard office settings into hellscapes out of Mortal Kombat (OK, a bit dramatic, but I trust that you Millennials see what I did there).

If you’re a conflict resolution specialist or organizational psychologist, congratulations, you’ll be gainfully employed for the foreseeable future. For everyone else, it won’t be loads of fun.

Unless we start to change our thinking. (Click here for the rest of our latest NSFW column.)

Three Days Can Make Your Year

A typical trade show gives you a brief three day window to capture attention. After months of planning, the show comes and goes in the blink of an eye. And you may have little to show for it but a stack of leads that may in fact lead nowhere. 

Companies focusing their trade show efforts on customer acquisition are bound to be disappointed. However, those that complement their sales efforts with a carefully planned media strategy will realize significant returns before, during and long after their booth has been dismantled…and turn a single three day event into a year’s worth of invaluable exposure.

Leveraging Trade Shows for Maximum Media Exposure

A well orchestrated media program–one that gets the right message into the right hands at the right time–can turn a trade show into a uniquely powerful marketing opportunity. Where else can you get in front of all the top editors and reporters from the leading publications serving your market, demonstrate your products and share your company vision?

BackBone’s  trade show media relations program encompasses the following:

  • Writing and distribution of a media advisory two months prior to the show providing a “sneak preview” of key announcements to be made at the event.
  • Securing appointments at the show for product demos or interviews.
  • Formal press release distributed on the first day of the show. Follow-up after the show, including placement tracking.

The coordination of these activities gives us the best chance of arranging as many face-to-face media briefings as possible. Additional services include the preparation of a press kit and the writing/submission of speaking proposals.


Exhibits with Lasting Impact

Too many companies squander the unique opportunities high profile trade shows offer. BackBone will implement a program that gets you coverage before the show, during the show, and develops media relationships that will put you on the editorial map going forward.