WOS New: BackBone’s PR Initiative for EAPs with Stories to Tell

Communicating the business value of an EAP to business audiences has always been a challenge. The Workplace Outcome Suite (WOS) was developed by Chestnut Global Partners to change that by making a data-driven business case for investing in EAP and Health/Wellness Coaching. This also makes the WOS, when combined with your anecdotal success stories, the perfect narrative device for telling a quantitative and qualitative story that a general business audience will immediately get.

The WOS EAP PR Initiative helps EAPs cost-effectively promote their outcomes-based work. The “package” includes the writing and targeted media distribution of a press release and/or case study based on EAP outcomes and success stories. The program will be managed by BackBone, Inc., a public relations and marketing agency specializing in EAP, wellness and technology, and a long-time CGP partner.

This initiative provides targeted, affordable communications support for our family of WOS EAPs, while bringing a sustained, data-supported message to market – one that, over time, will make the business value of evidence-based EAP self-evident…and enable purchasers to know exactly what they’re buying.

We’re offering EAPA members and/or WOS users a 20% discount  on standard pricing, including a discount for wire service distribution. For more, visit www.backboneinc.com/WOSEAP or email us at wospr@backboneinc.com.


As our long-time PR partner, BackBone has been successful in telling our story to business and specialized audiences. The WOS PR Initiative gives EAPs an effective and affordable way to tell theirs – while underscoring the business value of evidence-based EAP. Dave Sharar, PhD, Director Commercial Science for CGP


For more on the WOS EAP PR Initiative, email us at info@backboneinc.com.

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