Conflict Is So Yesterday! Boomers and Millennials Find Common Ground

It’s naturally assumed that if you were to put a bunch of Baby Boomers and Millennials in an enclosed space we’d immediately be at each other’s throats. Tensions are pretty much baked in as we have very different outlooks on work, life, even technology. And as Millennials begin to take management positions and are put in charge of their wizened co-workers, we should expect simmering tensions to boil over into open conflict, turning standard office settings into hellscapes out of Mortal Kombat (OK, a bit dramatic, but I trust that you Millennials see what I did there).

If you’re a conflict resolution specialist or organizational psychologist, congratulations, you’ll be gainfully employed for the foreseeable future. For everyone else, it won’t be loads of fun.

Unless we start to change our thinking. (Click here for the rest of our latest NSFW column.)