Introducing PRX: Targeted, Affordable Public Relations for Startups and SMBs

PR ExpressPRX: PR Express

PR Express is designed for start ups and small companies looking for affordable, effective Public Relations support –  ideal for a new product launch, major customer “win” or company milestone.


♦ Strategy

We work with you to define your media objectives. We also develop a list of media targets.


♦ Editorial

We draft your Press Release, with your input and approval.


♦ Media

Once the press release is ready, we distribute to a targeted media list ( that combines technology, business, HR, vertical media). After the release is sent out, we develop a timely, personalized follow up to each reporter. The pitch after the press release is sent out is where you’re able to rise above the noise, and get a busy reporter’s attention looking for fresh new angles and voices to cover.

Price: $550 (Wire service distribution billed at cost)


PR Express



We also offer a more comprehensive PR program that includes more media coverage, and other strategic deliverables, such as the writing and placement of a bylined article, a white paper, use case, and strategic social media support. Pricing varies according to the breadth of the program.  Fill out the form below to schedule a free consultation.