When the Biggest Risk is Playing it Safe

This is probably not news – certainly not to me in my other life as a recreational tennis player: most of us hate losing more than we take satisfaction in winning or potential gain. If I leave the court with a decisive 2 set win, I’ll spend the next 24 hours playing the best points in my head…then move on with my life. If I’m on the losing end, it becomes an all-consuming obsession, eating at me like a rolling toxic heartburn. For days.

In business, loss aversion is perhaps most evident – and powerful – in the embrace of the status quo. Change, any kind and any degree, is risky. This is one of the biggest challenges a salesperson must overcome.

Averting loss doesn’t automatically mean playing it safe – it’s the sales rep’s job to make the terrifying prospect of missing out the safe play.  For more, visit https://medium.com/@BackBoneInc/when-the-biggest-risk-is-playing-it-safe-306a3ac35f39